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Card Suit Siblings

Born from the union of a mortal woman, Vanille Tertia, and the demon, Arkanial, these individuals all contain special abilities that are related to their sight. They wear glasses in order to see as an ordinary human.

The abilities were meant to exist in one individual (as is the case with Joker, see below), but Vanille's second pregnancy ended with quadruplets, and the four abilities divided amongst them.

(This is just an overview of their abilities, the limitations, etc. so that I don't have to repeat the information in their profiles.)


The four individual suits live in separate territories of the same name (example: Heart Nation). Each fill an aristocratic role that aids the territory in whatever fashion his or her abilities allow. The Queen of Spades, for example, operates as a military strategist in times of war or espionage. Their card suit title does not necessarily indicate their aristocratic role.

The Joker was kidnapped as an infant and ended up in a travelling circus. He is unaware of his lineage, and his siblings are not aware of him either. Because of this, the Joker does not know that glasses would suppress the powers, and does his best to accommodate, but suffers in his ignorance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The quadruplet siblings cancel out each other’s abilities. If they see one another, their powers are neutralized until they go an hour without seeing each other again. Since their abilities are sight-related, they can still use them in each other’s presence, so long as they do not glimpse one another. Joker is a mild exception to the rule. His powers can be used against certain siblings with these restrictions: physical abilities (Diamond and Club) can only be used against the mental/predictive abilities (Heart and Spade). However, since he does not have a lot of control over what abilities he will have or know how to use them effectively, it’s not necessarily an advantage since the Card Suit can use their ability against him in response.


Knight of Diamonds
 >> Master of Body.
 >> Skilled in fighting and innate knowledge of the body's weaknesses. Can read an opponent's movements and quickly learn their strengths and weaknesses. Can fight bare-handed but prefers a weapon that suits him.
 >> Glasses Removed: Can read his enemy's movements at a faster and more accurate pace. KoD can now see the flow of energy in those he looks at, and knows exactly where to strike to immobilize or kill.
 >> Risks: Bloodlust, causing him to blur the lines of friend and foe -- the knowledge that he can kill or spare someone with one move overwhelms sensibility of self-defense only.

Note: “Diamonds can scratch any surface.”


Queen of Spades
 >> Master of Strategy.
 >> Skilled in mentally calculating her enemy’s options and mostly likely plan of attack, as one would do in a chess game. Needing only an overview of the battle and stakes, she can make accurate predictions, and advise where and how to best engage in a battle. Her strategy skills also include responses in a discussion or an actual fight; she makes constant predictions and responds how she thinks best.
 >> Glasses Removed: Calculations increase in speed and accuracy. QoS can visibly “see” the events playing across her vision, making it easier to pinpoint the enemy’s most likely move; she then orders all players to action herself. Often the enemy is too stunned by the prediction to even react, making the victory even easier.
 >> Risks: Almost always mentally exhausted. QoS spends a lot of time lying down and unable to live a normal life because even with her glasses on, she is conditioned to mentally calculate her response to everything. So she spends a lot of time tired and unable to enjoy interacting with others. Exhaustion can hit before the battle is over, which could leave the troops in jeopardy if no competent strategist steps up.

Note: “In the game of Hearts, the Queen of Spades is the game changer.”


King of Clubs
 >> Master of Magic.
 >> Skilled in the use of magic and natural elements. Can use any magic but only one type at a time. Normally, KoC requires study of how to wield the magic properly – hand gestures, key words, etc. He studies all tomes and texts he can get his hands on, so he can best wield the magic when he wishes. Must be born with the ability to wield magic; the texts are references for these individuals only.  
 >> Glasses Removed: No longer needs references for magic; he can see the ley lines atmospheric currents where magic is drawn from and wields the magic as he sees fit. He naturally knows any needed gestures or commands. He also has a decent knowledge of an enemy’s weakness to certain magic.
 >> Risks: Sustainability is not as lengthy as the Knight of Diamonds, as all magic must use his body as a conduit before being “transformed” into a useable spell. How long he can wield the power in one sitting extends with years and experience, but the power is never limitless.

Note: “Clubs are often referred to as Clovers, and Four-Leaf Clovers are known to be magical.”


Ace of Hearts
 >> Master of Heart/Emotion
 >> Skilled at recognizing behavioural tics and emotional responses. AoH is an empath. He can recognize when someone is lying, and is useful in interrogations. While he might not know the truth being withheld, AoH is very sensitive to lies and the emotions of living creatures. Also has severe eyes when staring down a deceiving individual; most are intimidated to the truth through that alone.
 >> Glasses Removed: Reading of individual habits becomes near 100% accurate; tells cannot be hidden. Can see the “heartbeats” of those he looks at in ripples (like sonar on a screen, originating where the heart is located), and knows what is hidden in the rapid or slow pace. While AoH does not become psychic, he instinctively pokes at the individual’s personal file until one detail elicits a particular reaction; he knows what to say and when to say it.
 >> Risks: Emotional exhaustion. Being so close to other people’s emotions leaves AoH drained and distraught. He can only act tough and “heartless” for so long before he becomes vulnerable. He starts taking on their feelings, be it sadness, anger, fear, etc. which makes him unstable.

Note: “Emotional reactions might be traced to chemical reactions in the brain, but feelings start in the heart.”


 >> "Jack" of All Trades
 >> Actually carries all four of the Card abilities in his blood. Can only use one at a time, which changes at random with the quarter phases of the moon (new, full and half). He has a fair idea of what each ability is capable of but has no idea which one he'll possess next.
 >> Glasses Removed: Was never told that wearing glasses could filter the power from his eyes, so he has taken to seeing with his eyes unfocused. It does not clear his sight of his power completely, and eventually causes a headache, but it is the only coping strategy Joker has found to work. He will also use a blindfold if the strain is too much, but does not wish to live blinded and only uses it as a last resort.
 >> Risks: His powers are not as strong as his siblings to begin with, and not knowing his origins have inhibited him from improving them. Powers shift at random, so he cannot rely on having the same power throughout an extended mission. Otherwise, he has the same risks as the individual Card Suits.

Note: “Jokers are also known as ‘wild cards’.”
A set of siblings for a world I am putting together for future stories. ^_^
This is just the background information on their familial history and special abilities. To see their individual profiles, please follow the thumbs below.

(Note: I will be uploading Joker's profile soon, and the other three will follow when I have received my commissions from =Funnifox ^_^)

Knight of Diamonds (Jack):
Artwork by :iconfunnifox:

Queen of Spades (Reina): *Coming Soon*
Artwork by :iconfunnifox:

King of Clubs (Roi): *Coming Soon*
Artwork by :iconfunnifox:

Ace of Hearts (Ace):
Artwork by :iconfunnifox:

Joker (Jeice):
Artwork by :iconmm1221352:
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Knight of Diamonds (Jack): Jack Fiets by Riku-of-Darkness
Artwork by :iconfunnifox:

Queen of Spades (Reina): *Coming Soon*
Artwork by :iconfunnifox:

King of Clubs (Roi): *Coming Soon*
Artwork by :iconfunnifox:

Ace of Hearts (Ace): Ace Fiets by Riku-of-Darkness
Artwork by :iconfunnifox:

Joker (Jeice): Jeice (Fiets) by Riku-of-Darkness
Artwork by :iconmm1221352:
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